Let Vern’s take care of your troubled sewer lines.

No need to tear up your entire yard to get new lines installed!

Most sewer lines run underneath your yard and sometimes underneath your driveway. It can be quite expensive, time consuming, and disruptive to replace lines by digging up the soil or concrete. With Vern’s there is only minimal digging required.

We can re-line the current pipes, leaving the existing structure in place. Nearly all types of pipes can be re-lined, including clay, copper, steel, lead, or PVC. The existing pipe is coated from the inside with an epoxy that seals any and all cracks or leaks, and protects against intruding roots.

If sewer lining will not work for your applications our technicians can care for your problem without the need for trenching. Using our trenchless pipe replacement system, the technician can pull the new pipes through the existing pipes most of the time, resulting in a new sewer line, with minimal digging.”

Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Sewer Pull


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